2021 tax return: that’s when it’s made, due and pre-filled. Here all the FAQs – PDF GUIDE

What is it, how and when is the tax return with 730 for the year 2021? The 730 is the tax declaration form dedicated to employees and retirees. The Model 730 has several advantages. Mainly, the taxpayer does not have to carry out calculations and obtains the tax refund directly in the payslip or in the retirement deposit, from the month of July (for retirees from the month of August or September); if, on the other hand, he must pay sums, these are deducted from the salary (from July) or from the pension (from August or September) directly on the payslip.

2021 pre-filled declaration – In addition, the Tax Administration makes available, in a specific area of ​​its website, the 730 already pre-filled, which can be accessed using the PIN code of the telematic services (Fisconline) or a SPID (Public Digital Identity System) or CIE (electronic identity card) or using proof of identity issued by the INPS or a national service card. The pre-filled 730 model will be available from May 10, 2021.

Who has to do the 730 in 2021?

Model 730 must be presented by taxpayers than in 2021 are: retirees or employees (including Italian workers this they work abroad whose income is determined on the basis of the conventional salary defined annually by a specific ministerial decree).

Download the Compilation Instructions – pdf

Individuals file their tax return using the INCOME PF template or 730 template, depending on the type of income owned.

THE employees and retirees who have employment, retirement and other income can submit Form 730 spouses may jointly submit Form 730.

All other subjects and taxpayers who do not reside for tax purposes in Italy in the tax year and / or in the year of presentation of the tax return, they present the PF REVENU form.

Presentation of the income statement (PF or 730 income form)

The Revenue Agency provides taxpayers with the forms and instructions for completing the PF and 730 Income forms. For those who use the FP income model, the IncomeOnLine Pf software, which allows the compilation of the model, the creation of the file to be sent electronically via the online services of the Revenue Agency and the generation of the F24 payment model.

Pre-filled tax return

To simplify the completion of the annual tax declaration, the Inland Revenue also makes available to taxpayers the form 730 and the pre-filled Individual Income Form, which contain, i.e. various data already entered automatically, including deductions for expenses. health care, university expenses, insurance premium expenses, social contributions, transfers for building renovation and energy requalification interventions.

The pre-filled tax return is a free online service that you can access with

  • * identifiers of the Public Digital Identity System (Spid)
  • * proof of the telematic services of the Tax Administration (Fisconline / Entratel)
  • * Electronic identity card (CIE)
  • * National Service Charter (CNS).

Within the service it is possible to consult, modify and / or complete your declaration and finally send it to the Agency. Once sent, the declaration with the sending protocol remains available for consultation and download in your authenticated space.

All the steps to follow to access and use the pre-filled declaration are illustrated on the information and support site “Infoprecompilata”.

When filing the income tax return

The tax declaration must be filed each year within the following deadlines:

  • * Model 730 before September 30, directly online or by contacting the Tax Assistance Centers (Caf), qualified professionals or the withholding agent (i.e. your employer)
  • * The FP income model before November 30, online or by contacting the Tax Assistance Centers (Caf), qualified professionals.

Non-resident natural persons who are abroad at the time of filing the declaration can send the declaration before November 30 by registered letter or any other equivalent means.

Download the Compilation Instructions – pdf

730 pre-filled in 2021: available from May 10

The text of the Sostegni decree was published in the Official Journal. Decree-law n. 41/2021 among the measures also rewrites the calendar of tax deadlines. The pre-filled 730 model will be available from May 10, 2021.

The pre-filled tax return is basically a simplification for all taxpayers. Inside the return there is already a lot of data, such as income, deductions and deductions. Of course, not everything was entered correctly.

Of May 14, 2021 the taxpayer may decide to accept the tax declaration provided or to correct or modify some of the data provided.

Through June 15, 2021 submitted declarations must be sent before May 31, 2021.

Through June 29, 2021 declarations filed from June 1 to 20, 2021 must be sent.

Through July 23, 2021 declarations filed between June 21 and July 15, 2021 must be sent.

Through September 15, 2021 declarations filed between July 16, 2021 and August 31, 2021 must be sent.

Download the Compilation Instructions – pdf

All declarations on the Revenue Agency website

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