$4.2 million increase in board revenue

Tariff changes: The tariffs for commercial and industrial waste bins have been brought into line with the residential tariffs. Prior to the 2022-23 draft budget, it was cheaper to operate bins at a commercial or industrial location than at a residential address. Photo by AAP/James Ross

Projections for rate collection from proposed residential developments over the next 12 months represent 11% of Campaspe Shire’s $4.29 million increase in rate and charge revenue.

Under the Additional Rates and Rate Adjustments category in the County’s Statement of Comprehensive Income, there is an 11.11% increase in the category, equal to the increase in General Rates revenue.

The Fair Go Rates System (FGRS) means that Victorian councils can increase rates by just 1.75%.

The cap applies to general rates and municipal charges and is calculated based on the council’s average rates and charges.

This means a 10.68% overall increase in council revenue from general rates to $39.36 million.

There is a 5% increase in waste management fees and a 1.65% increase in municipal fees.

Total county rate revenue for 2022-23 is projected at $50.03 million, an increase of 9.39% over last fiscal year ($4.29 million).

Well-planned venues are at the center of the Campaspe Shire’s proposed 2022-23 budget, accounting for almost half of the council’s spending for the financial year.

At 47.8% of budget expenditures, well-planned venues are considered the priority ahead of the other four areas included in a summary of strategic objectives in the draft budget document presented at last week’s board meeting.

The other four categories are a thriving local economy (10.7%), a resilient protected and healthy natural environment (10.4%), an increasing quality of life (13.6%) and organizational support (17.5%). ).

A description of the well-planned places included was provided later in the document, explaining the council’s intention to ensure that it had enough land available for living, working and industry.

Naturally, roads fell under the heading, on which almost half of the budget is spent.

Recreational spaces (with a focus on the Bridge to Bridge pedestrian and cycling area), population growth, and digital connectivity were other key factors in the well-planned spaces category.

Key initiatives included in the budget document included the transition of the Port of Echuca from council management to the port enterprise of Campaspe, which is due to take place within the next two months.

A network movement plan that captures all walking, cycling and traffic movement within Echuca is something the council will be working on with the Department of Transport.

The development of the aquatic reserve, including detailed designs and alternative funding opportunities, was another big item on the council’s budget bucket list.

Council will engage Yorta Yorta to develop and initiate a fire and weed management program at Victoria Park.

– Campaspe Shire has set sail on a four-year journey towards a surplus of over $2 million by the end of the 2025-26 financial year.

According to the four-year projection, the board indicates a surplus of $2.38 million by the end of the 2025-2026 fiscal year, as no significant changes are expected in revenues or expenses over the course of the year. four-year period.

In 2022-23, the county projects a revenue base of $84.6 million and by 2025-26, this will only increase to $87.94 million, primarily due to a slight increase in revenue from prices.

Spending for 2022-23 is projected at $83.7 million, up more than $5 million from the current fiscal year, representing a four-year cost increase of only $2 million.

As noted on this page, the significant increase in benefits from this year’s projection versus expectations for 2022-23 – primarily due to staff reductions during the COVID-19 pandemic – accounts for all of this difference. .

Additional rate projections are based on developments including those at Echuca West, Tongala and Kyabram. They also include proceeds from any changes in land use or improvements to properties.

The county’s surplus is based on its projection for collecting new rates from these developments.

Councilors at Wednesday night’s meeting called the budget “very strong” and with possibly the largest capital works programs in Campaspe’s history.

A surplus will allow the county to reduce its debt and borrow less, and with interest rates looming, this bodes well for its future financial situation.

The county will also have funds to match dollar-for-dollar grant opportunities from state and federal governments.


Costs for commercial and industrial bins are expected to increase significantly in the proposed budget, with proposed annual cost increases of between 19 and 25 percent.

Interestingly, prior to the proposed 2022-2023 change in commercial/industrial bin fees, it was cheaper to have a “professional” bin than for residential purposes.

In 2021-2022, the cost of an 80-litre bin, for general waste (red lid), was $230 for a Campaspe residence. It was only $219 for a commercial/industrial operator.

The differences were the same for the 140 liter and 240 liter bins.

They have changed dramatically, at least for commercial/industrial operators.

For an 80 liter bin the cost is $261.80 (up to $42.80), for a 140 liter bin the cost increase is $68.20 (up to $343 $.20) and for a 240 liter bin it is $580.80 (up to $116.80).

Those numbers are now significantly higher than what it costs for the same bin at a Campaspe County residence.

The cost of recycling bins only increased by 2.44% in most cases.

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