A simple tax system would solve the problems


The IRS cannot finish processing 2019 and 2020 tax returns, let alone begin processing 2021 returns.

Here’s a long-term solution that would benefit Americans: repeal all federal taxes, fees, charges, tariffs, etc., and replace them with a single, simple, graduated, all-income tax, levied on living persons. : One-Tax -And.. That’s it.

Government employees who process all other taxes can be trained to process tax returns, including One-Tax-And-Done returns.

No Death Tax: Family homes, farms and businesses will pass untaxed to heirs who will continue to run the businesses and employ workers who will pay One-Tax-And-Done. Heirs wanting cash settlements would list them as taxable income.

Under One-Tax-And-Done, all income is taxable and reported to citizens on Form W-2. All returns will be individual returns; no exemptions or deductions.

State and local governments could use One-Tax-And-Done to stop taxing people away from home.
The sooner Congress passes One-Tax-And-Done to prevent President Joe Biden’s hyperinflation, which will make the Great Depression a minor inconvenience, the better for everyone.

Not enough of us earn enough to pay our living expenses, let alone all the money wasted by Biden et al. Federal, state, and local politicians really don’t want to go down in history as part of “Biden et al,” do they?

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she wants a fair tax system. It’s here. Have it enacted.

Ronald Shultz

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