Agnipath plan details published: compensation, holidays, income tax, etc.

1. Agnipath is a new human resource management scheme for armies. Candidates inducted into this program will be referred to as Agniveers. These Agniveers once enlisted in the Indian Air Force, will be governed by the Air Force Act 1950, for a period of four years. An effort will be made to enroll candidates as Agniveers from all parts of the country, using contemporary technology (online STAR exam and associated testing methods), specialized gatherings and on-campus interviews at technical institutes recognized institutions such as industrial training institutes, NSQF, etc. The Agniveers would form a separate rank in the IAF, different from any other existing rank.

2 As part of the registration process, each “Agniveer” must formally accept all the terms and conditions of the AGNIPATH program. For personnel under the age of 18, the registration form must be signed by the parents/guardians, in accordance with the provisions in force.

3. After the four-year period, all Agniveers will return to the company. However, based on organizational requirements and policies promulgated by the IAF. Agniveers who have left will be offered the opportunity to apply for IAF registration as part of the regular framework. The skills acquired by each Agniveer will be captured in a certificate to form part of their CV. Such applications will be reviewed by a centralized board in a transparent manner and no more than 25% of the workforce of the specific batch of original Agniveers will be enrolled in the IAF based on their performance during their commitment period of four years as Agniveers.

4 Agniveers shall have no right to be selected for further enlistment in the armed forces. The selection will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the government. Enrollment as Airmen under the regular Indian Air Force excluding Medical Traders will only be available to those personnel who have completed their period of enlistment as Airmen. Agniveers:

5 Eligibility. All India’ ‘All Classes’.

6. Age limit, level of education, physical standards. The eligible age will be between 17.5 and 21 years old. Other educational qualifications and physical standards would be issued by the Indian Air Force.

7. Medical standards. Agniveers will be required to meet the medical eligibility requirements set out for IAF registration as they apply to the respective categories/trades. No permanent Agniveer of a lower medical category will be entitled to continue their commitment after having been. placed in the medical category.

8. Employability. Agniveers registered under this entry are liable to be assigned any task in the interest of the organization at the discretion of the IAF.

9. Uniform. To encourage and recognize the dynamism of youth, a distinctive badge will be worn by the Agniveers on their uniform during their engagement period.

10. Honors and awards. Agniveers will be entitled to honors and awards, in accordance with existing guidelines governing the subject of the IAF

11 Training. Once enlisted, individuals will receive military training based on organizational requirements.

12 Assessment. The IAF will strive to maintain a high quality centralized online database of Agniveers and follow a common transparent assessment methodology. An objective evaluation system to ensure fair and impartial evaluation will be put in place. The skills acquired by Agniveers will be systematically recorded. General guidelines will be developed prior to the appointment of the first group of Agniveers and the same and any subsequent changes will be circulated

13. Leaving. The granting of the leave will be subject to the requirements of the organization. The following holidays may be applicable for Agniveers during their term of engagement:

Annual vacation. Sick days.

30 days a year. Based on medical opinion.

14. Medical facilities and CSD. For the duration of their period of IAF commitment, Agniveers will be entitled to medical facilities at

Hospital Service as well as CDD services.

15 Release at his own request. Release at your own request before the end of the commitment period will not be permitted for Agniveers, except in exceptional cases, with the approval of the competent authority.

16. Remuneration, allowances and related benefits, registrants under this program will receive an Agniveer package of Rs. 30,000/- per month with a fixed annual increment. In addition, risk and hardship, clothing and travel allowances will be paid.

17. Corpus Agniveer Fund. A dedicated, non-perishable “Agniveer Corpus Fund” will be created in the interest-bearing section of the Public Account Manager. The fund will be administered and maintained under the Ministry of Defense (MoD)/DMA. Each Agniveer must contribute 30% of their monthly income to the “Agniveer Corpus Fund”. The government will provide an equivalent rate of interest to the public provident fund on the amount accumulated in the fund.

18. At the end of the four-year commitment period, Agniveers will be eligible to receive the Seva Nidhi’ package, which will include their contribution (to the Agniveer Corpus Fund) and government matching contribution and interest on the amount accumulated. In the case of individuals who are subsequently selected to enroll in the IAF as a regular cadre, the “Seva Nidhi” lump sum paid to them will only include their contribution, including accrued interest thereon. ‘Seva Nidhi’ will be exempt from income tax:

19. Should Agniveers leave before the end of their commitment period at their own request, the “Seva Nidhi” lump sum paid to them will only include their contribution, including accrued interest thereon.

20. Fixed remuneration.

The details of Monthly Compensation, Agniveer Corpus Fund and Seva Nidhl Single Package are given below:

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Agnipath salary package

21. Method of payment – Seva Nidhi’ package. Two Options

to receive the Seva Nidhi package will be provided to each Agniveer, for the purpose of providing financial loans for self-employment / entrepreneurship through a bank guarantee as well as to meet immediate / incidental expenses, upon leaving Details will be issued separately by Gol

22 Life insurance coverage. Agniveers will be provided

Life insurance coverage of 48 lakhs for the duration of their period of engagement as Agniveers in the IAF

23. Compensation in the Event of Death. In the event of death, the following individuals will be eligible for next of kin (NOK) of the Agniveer Corpus fund:

(1) Insurance cover, if applicable (in accordance with paragraph 22 above) (ii) Any other compensation as detailed in paragraph 29 below.

24. Disability Compensation. In the event that a person is placed in

Permanent low medical category (LMC), the authorities will assess the percentage of invalidity and imputability. Such personnel will be dismissed from the IAF for medical reasons after payment of a lump sum

compensation according to the details listed in paragraph 28 below.

25. Certificate of professional aptitude. At the end of the engagement

period, a detailed certificate of competence will be provided to Agniveers, highlighting the skills and level of competence they have acquired during their period of engagement.

26. Ex-Agniveers enrolled for four years. Ex-Agniveers who

are selected for enlistment into the IAF as a regular cadre at the end of four years, will be governed by the existing terms and conditions of service of Airmen/NCS(E)s in the Indian Air Force, such as modified from time to time.

27 Categorization of death Death for the purposes of

financial benefits to Agniveers will be categorized as follows:


(a) Category X Death from natural causes neither attributable nor aggravated by military service during the period of enlistment.

(b) Category Y Death from accepted causes

as attributable to or aggravated by military service or due to accidents/incidents in the performance of duties, including training during the period of enlistment.

(c) Category Z. During the period of engagement, death due to acts of violence/attack by terrorists, enemy anti-social elements, during border skirmishes/war/peacekeeping operation/aid

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