FBR Extends Tax Filing Date Until October 15


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) extended the filing date for tax returns to October 15 on Thursday.

In a notification, the FBR said the September 30 deadline had been extended by 15 days due to “serious technical issues” in the Iris portal for electronic filing of tax returns.

The RBF had already stressed on several occasions that the deadline would not be extended. He had, however, ordered his chief commissioners of the Inland Revenue to “generously grant extensions” for the filing of tax returns to people facing “difficulties of any kind”.

“The system operates transparently and approximately 150,000 returns were filed on September 28, the highest number ever filed in a single day. In the meantime, FBR, like last year, has improved the ability of its system to provide transparent services to taxpayers. the tax collection agency said on Wednesday.

However, many social media users complained on Thursday that the Iris portal was not working.

The RBF had received around 1.4 million tax returns by September 28.

KTBA requests 90 day extension

The Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) previously asked Prime Minister Imran Khan for a three-month extension, that is, until December 31.

The KTBA pointed out that compliance with the 90-day time limit was prescribed by law for filing the income tax return under Article 118 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001. It further pointed out that ‘unavailability of the FBR portal for 15 days. “The 90-day period should only start when a flawless and error-free return of income in accordance with the provisions of the ordinance is uploaded to the Iris portal, which in itself has not yet been notified,” said the ‘association.

The KTBA further stated that the FBR portal, both e-FBR and Iris “remained hacked and disabled from August 14, 2021” and was intermittently not functioning properly until the end of August 2021, which again denied taxpayers 90 uninterrupted days prescribed by law to file the tax return.

On Tuesday, the RBF issued a circular to make it easier for taxpayers to file their tax returns over the past two days with extended hours for filing returns as well as paying taxes. This was in addition to the massive nationwide awareness campaign involving national heroes, urging people to file their returns to improve tax compliance in the country.

This year, the FBR notified tax returns from July 2021 to meet the 90-day (three-month) requirement under tax law.

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