FBR is working to simplify the tax system for the facilitation of taxpayers – Ayesha Khalid

Islamabad, OCT 21: /DNA/ — The Federal Board of Revenue is working to simplify the tax system and minimize direct interaction with tax collectors to facilitate taxpayers. Tax collectors and taxpayers work for the common goal of improving the economy of Pakistan, therefore, it is necessary to develop a relationship of trust and understanding to further increase the tax revenue of the country. This was stated by Ayesha Khalid, Chief Commissioner of Revenue, Regional Bureau of Revenue, Islamabad, while addressing the business community of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). Adnan Inamullah Khan Commissioner-IR (WHT), Ms. Adeela Yousaf Khan Commissioner-IR (Ops) South Zone and Ms. Aisha Asad Deputy Commissioner RTO Islamabad also accompanied her on the occasion.

Ayesha Khalid said that RTO has set up a grievance cell to deal with tax complaints from taxpayers and said that CICI should appoint a focal person to coordinate with them to deal with tax grievances from the business community. She said that RTO Islamabad would consider requesting a help desk at ICCI to facilitate its members in filing tax returns. She said such offices can also be set up in major markets to facilitate trade with traders. She assured that RTO Islamabad in collaboration with ICCI would try to solve the tax issues of the business world in order to achieve the set tax targets.

Speaking on the occasion, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that RTO Islamabad should provide a list of top 100 taxpayers to hold a ceremony at ICIC to recognize their tax contribution and that the Federal Minister of Finance would be invited as the main guest. at the event. He said that all chambers of commerce play a positive role in broadening the tax base, as no entrepreneur can become a member without being registered in the tax system and underlined that FBR should develop a close liaison with the main chambers of commerce to identify new taxpayers instead. to milk existing taxpayers. He said RTO Islamabad should take ICCI on board before sending its inspectors to the markets to handle tax issues with joint efforts. He said the business community should be represented in the RBF policy-making process to promote a tax system that should facilitate the growth of business and investment activities. He said attractive taxpayer benefits would eliminate the fear factor and attract more people to the tax system. He said a committee made up of representatives from ICIC and RTO Islamabad should be considered to deal with the tax issues of the business community.

Azhar ul Islam Zafar Vice President ICCI thanked RTO Chief Commissioner for his visit to ICCI and said that ICCI will work closely with RTO to facilitate taxpayers.

Representatives from various markets and sectors including furniture, jewelry, real estate, overseas employment and others highlighted their tax issues and emphasized that RTO Islamabad should play a role in addressing them. Also highlighted various tax matters to the attention of Chief Commissioner RTO, Islamabad.

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