GRA Expands Tax System Awareness Program to UTG Students

Under the auspices of its Tax Education Unit, the GRA held a very important seminar yesterday at the Kanifing University Auditorium.

Delivering the keynote address on behalf of the Commissioner General, GRA Director of Human Resources Ernest Mendy said the seminar would expose students to the fundamental issues of the tax system that every citizen needs to understand, especially university students who are either taxpayers or future taxpayers.

“It may interest you to know that holding seminars to engage stakeholders derives from Objective 2 (Optimize customer service delivery to improve customer relations and corporate image) of the Strategic Plan of 2020-2024 business of the GRA,” Mr. Mendy said.

According to him, as the mandate of the Authority under the GRA Act 2004 (revised 2010) is exclusively on tax administration, the Authority remains committed to pursuing its mandate by ensuring that citizens and entities understand the tax system, know their rights and honor their obligations to pay their fair share of taxes in accordance with the laws of the National Assembly of The Gambia.

He said the GRA, like many other tax administrations in Africa, “faces the perennial problem of compliance” with tax laws.

The issue of non-compliance is “highly impeding” revenue mobilization, hence the need for continued public and business engagement, outreach and education, he said.

“It is gratifying to note that today’s event is the second engagement with the University of The Gambia,” he said, adding, “This, I am made to understand, came from a request from the student executive, given the size of the institution and the intrinsic link between taxation and national development.

“The GRA strongly believes that through such commitment, UTG staff and students will contribute meaningfully to the sharing of information, thereby creating awareness of the GRA’s mandate, different types of taxes, tax laws and specifically the importance of paying taxes or being tax compliant. to boost our revenue mobilization efforts.

“We also hope that this seminar will strengthen our collaboration to support the implementation of the government’s tax reform initiatives aimed at improving revenue collection for national development.

Mr. Mendy added that the Authority has taken and “continues to make great strides” in reforming and automating its operations to improve efficiency.

For his part, UTG’s Director of Finance, Ousainou Corr, said, “This collaborative venture is expected to broaden UTG students’ understanding of taxation in view of our national development aspirations. This objective fits well with the Chancellor’s strategic objectives to strengthen one of the fundamental trends, namely teaching and learning rooted in the functionality of a university.

He therefore urged the students to make the most of the seminar to enhance their understanding, which will be useful to them now – because knowledge is power – and in their future endeavours.

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