Housing Adjusted to Income Approved | Wylie News

Wylie Town Council held two public hearings and cleared the issue and sale of bonds passed in the November 2021 election.

The first public hearing was to rezone 2.4 acres of land from the Neighborhood Service Planned Development – Multifamily to allow for an income-adjusted housing complex called Jericho Village that will provide social services to at-risk people.

Several residents spoke out, some in favor, saying development was needed in the area, while others spoke out against the resort, citing traffic issues and the effect on nearby property values.

The council voted to approve the complex.

The second public hearing concerned the rezoning of a building located at 401 N. Keefer to allow commercial or residential uses.

Three residents spoke, two in favor and one against, citing traffic at Keefer Street and Brown Street as the reason.

The zoning change was approved by council.

The Board has authorized $5.5 million in bond issues or in the early design, planning and implementation stages that allow staff to start approved projects.

Chief Financial Officer Melissa Beard said when the bond election passed in November 2021, it was determined that council would commit to only issue the bonds when the city was ready to undertake the project. .

For the full story, see the March 2 issue.

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