Independent Kate Chaney says tax system relies on workers’ earnings

“We have this $1 trillion debt hanging over us that neither side really has any interest in discussing because it won’t be popular; we have a very complex tax system and an aging population that is too dependent on taxing workers.

Ms Chaney also welcomed the unveiling of March 3 by WA Premier Mark McGowan as the new date for the state’s borders to reopen, saying: ‘Time was really up and overdue so I think it there was a huge relief, we join the rest of the world and hope that our health system is equipped for this.

Ms Chaney, the daughter of Wesfarmers chairman Michael Chaney, whose father Fred was a Liberal federal cabinet minister, has put being ‘economically sensible and socially progressive’ at the heart of her campaign against Liberal MP for Curtin, Celia Hammond .

Although historically a secure Liberal seat easily won by Ms Hammond in the last election, Ms Chaney’s entry into politics after a career spanning law and the corporate and non-profit sectors has increased pressure on the Coalition in WA as handful of seats. are in play.

David Honey, the leader of the WA Liberal Party, admitted this month that Ms Chaney’s challenge would take resources away from the fight for other, more fringe seats, as it brushed aside her previous ties to the Labor Party while at the same time trying to win as an “independent”. Liberal”.

Ms Chaney said she was not surprised the Liberal Party was not “thrilled” with her play for Curtin. Her frustration with the direction the nation was heading drove her decision to briefly join the Labor Party, but she quit after realizing she could have the biggest impact as an independent.

Having accepted a $100,000 donation from Simon Holmes’ Climate 200 to Court, she said there was no pressure on her policies, which include a cut of at least 50% in carbon emissions. 2030 and a “robust” federal anti-corruption agency.

Ms Chaney said having other freelancers working on similar issues, including Allegra Spender in Wentworth and Nicolette Boele in Bradfield, was helpful and reflected the community’s desire for change.

Some of the economic issues of concern to Curtin voters were the transition to renewable energy and ensuring that corporate tax rates were internationally competitive.

Business and political leaders, including former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry, warned this month that the tax system was near breaking point because it hurts workers too much, discourages investment and penalizes owners who move for jobs.

A new review would be the first since Dr Henry’s tax review following the global financial crisis, which was largely ignored by governments.

“It’s no surprise people across the political spectrum are calling for reform,” Ms Chaney said.

“I think the Henry review is a good place to start. It probably needs a bit of a refresh, but there are opportunities to greatly simplify taxation, to get rid of a lot of the complexities that we have around payroll, stamp duty.

“[And] it must be accompanied by an examination of the responsibilities of the states and the federal government.

According to the OECD, Australia has “significantly higher” taxes on personal income, profits and gains than other countries.

Personal income tax is the main source of government revenue, accounting for around 47.2% in 2019-20 before the introduction of the government’s multi-year tax plan.

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