Just Sayin’: It’s time to fix the broken property tax system

It’s time to fix the broken property tax system

It’s the time of year when my mailbox starts to fill up with Nassau County tax claim companies offering to reduce my property taxes for a “modest” amount of 50% of any reduction they can. get for me. Is this a way to manage a modern government tax collection system? The obvious answer is “no way”.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman and the Republican-majority Nassau County Legislature ran campaigns in 2021 promising a quick fix for our flawed property assessment system. We are now in the ninth month of the Blakeman administration, and there is no word on plans to fix the system. My question is “why?” There was a lot of talk and no action, in the opinion of this aggrieved taxpayer.

—James Sheridan, Wantagh

Following traffic signs can have benefits

I also see drivers ignoring stop signs – probably because many drivers are in such a rush these days [“There’s no stopping LI’s bad drivers,” Just Sayin’, Aug. 27].

Many drivers also seem to have forgotten how to turn left at intersections that have traffic lights. They wait behind the white line and only proceed when everything is clear to make the turn. It’s probably because they’re worried about getting a red light ticket. This fear causes them to get stuck at red lights which they could easily avoid by simply being in front of the white line at the intersection before the light turns red and then completing their turn when oncoming traffic stops.

This will save drivers time and they won’t get any nasty surprises in the mail. Then, maybe with this new time saver, they can stop treating stop signs like glorified yield signs.

– Chris McNulty, big neck

I couldn’t agree more about Bad Drivers on Long Island. The stop sign has become a “Stoptional” sign, which means that if a driver stops at a stop sign and no other vehicle is approaching, why stop? If I and three other readers have witnessed these and other offenses on a daily basis, I’m sure the Nassau and Suffolk County Police Departments and other law enforcement officers have. also witnessed. Enough is enough.

—Andrew Dooley, New Hyde Park

I am 71 years old. When I received my driver’s license at the age of 17, the standards were apparently much higher. Soon after, the standards for obtaining a license seemed to drop significantly. Other standards in our country have also dropped significantly. Take “education”, for example. Solutions exist, but they will require work and sacrifice.

Today, our elected officials drop our tax money and then say, “Vote for me.” Our nation’s motto has become “spend, borrow, tax”. Our veterans did not sacrifice their lives, their families or their careers for what we have today. It’s a tragedy.

— Richard Reiser, big neck

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