NOW TAX – National Sales Tax System Proposes to Replace Income Tax System

NOW TAX BUTTON – National Sales and Transaction Tax

NOW TAX SYSTEM, a tax collection system designed to pay the federal budget without negative impact on the economy

Pay as you go, buy a candy bar and coke, and you’ve paid your taxes!

—Stephen Redden

ATHEN, WEST VIRGINIA, USA, September 8, 2022 / — NOW TAX USA announces a proposed new tax system in the United States – The NOW TAX – National Sales and Transaction Tax System replaces all other federal taxes. NOW TAX USA introduces an amendment bill/bill to replace and repeal the 16th Amendment.

Traditionally, income tax systems have been the main source of revenue to pay the federal budget. However, the income tax system still fails to pay our budget, which creates a continuous growth of the national debt.

To solve the US problem of collecting enough revenue, NOW TAX USA came up with an alternative tax collection system. The NOW TAX – National Sales and Transaction Tax is designed to collect enough tax to pay the federal budget and begin paying down the national debt with very little impact on the US economy.

Example: Like a toll road, think of the United States as a super-economic highway.
And like a toll road, everyone and every business has to pay a little something to use it.
On this highway, hundreds of millions of people and businesses travel there every day to generate billions of dollars in sales, financial transactions and good old-fashioned paychecks.

It is a pay-as-you-go tax system that can be as low as 1% or all sales and transactions. The logic is based on a consumption sales tax, but extended to all sales and transactions, spreading the tax burden across all segments of the economy. “Everyone and every company will have some skin in the game.” – Founder Stephen Redden.

How the NOW Tax system works. Take the sum of the highest common tax denominator and divide it into the federal budget to get the lowest possible tax rate. The greatest common tax denominator was once considered citizens and businesses. However, with modern banking, it is easy to determine that the greatest common tax denominators are, by far, sales and transactions.

The NOW TAX system, due to its simplicity, can be scaled in less than a year. The federal banking system will be the source of automatic collection. Every sale and transaction is subject to the proposed rate of 1% (as a sales tax). Upon bank deposit, the 1% is deducted and automatically sent to the Treasury Department. (Internal transactions of families, organizations or businesses will not be subject to NOW TAX).

The other proposed autonomous tax systems are:
Flat Tax – Tax on all income at a pre-determined rate – estimated at 10% – but to pay our federal budget it would be more like 20-30% and that may not be high enough.
Consumption Tax – The currently proposed consumption sales tax would average 15%, but only consumers earning an income above the poverty line pay this tax, businesses and consumers below the poverty line do not pay no tax. Again, this system fails to pay the federal budget.

The advantages of the NOW TAX SYSTEM are:
• NOW TAX eliminates the need for payroll deduction and citizens keep 100% of their paycheque.

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