Peers in Cumbria pressure government over ‘utterly absurd’ municipal tax system


CUMBRIAN peers continued to press the government to correct a ‘grossly unfair’ municipal tax system that sees some London mansions charged less than the average county house.

Former Cumbrian MP Dale Campbell-Savors is leading a campaign to reform the housing tax and has launched a debate in the House of Lords on the issue.

Lord Campbell-Savors has previously called the house tax system unfair, saying: “It is unfair, it penalizes part of the North and favors London, and it is now in urgent need of reform.”

Speaking during the Lords’ council tax debate, he said: “How can a C-Band house in Cumbria, with municipal taxes of over £ 1,600 a year, pay more than a £ 54million H-Band luxury home in Mayfair in London? Surely such discrepancies in the treatment of homes in the north only serve to further reveal how far the whole house tax system has become completely absurd. Isn’t the concept of a red wall defending the north more than a myth, confirmed by the government’s refusal to reform housing tax and its enormous inconsistencies? ”

Lord Clark of Windermere also spoke on the matter.

He said: “My lords, all over Cumbria, whether in Barrow, Carlisle, Kendal or in the many households in the middle villages, households feel aggrieved to be forced, because of the national framework, to pay more. housing tax than luxury homes in London.

“Even the government has to accept that this is grossly unfair.

“When do they plan to take a small step to alleviate the problem and help level up in Britain?”

The government whip, Viscount Younger de Leckie, replied: “Housing tax is well understood by taxpayers.

“The government has no plans to reform the housing tax, which would be complex and time-consuming to undertake and would create confusion for taxpayers.”

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