Pennsylvania’s School Property Tax System Hurts Everyone and Must Be Ended | Letter

What are the most pressing issues of 2022? That’s the question in an email newsletter I received from Pennsylvania State Senator Bob Mensch. I’m sure there are many opinions, but I’ll offer one: school property taxes.

Article 3, section 14 of Pennsylvania’s constitution states, “The General Assembly shall secure the maintenance and support of a complete and efficient system of public education to meet the needs of the Commonwealth.” Instead, the state continues to use the most regressive and abusive property tax system, which is not at all a reliable source of funding for public education as some would have you believe. It is a daunting hooliganism at best that has many other negative impacts, such as wide disparities between rich and poor school districts, economic decline, blight, making housing and rent unaffordable and, year after year, forces thousands of people to leave their homes.

The complete elimination of the school property tax is the only viable solution and it can be done in an equitable manner. Unfortunately, only a few lawmakers think this is a pressing issue. Call, write, or visit your senator and state representative in person and let them know your thoughts on this.

Ed Kihm


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