Ronny Chieng holes in the US tax system

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Tax season is over. If you’re like Ned Flanders, you got up early on January 1 to prepare your tax papers. If you’re not a cartoon character, you must have spent hours and hours verifying, collecting and filling out forms. You’ve even wondered why you don’t try that Cayman Islands thing everyone talks about in the movies. The American tax system is messed up, and Ronny Chieng is here to drive the point home.

In the latest edition of Chieng’s The daily show segment “America: WTF”, he explained the flaws in our tax system. Americans are forced to calculate their taxes in a strange guessing game. If they are wrong? Fines, jail time, or if you’re rich, nothing? It’s frustrating as hell. It’s even more frustrating when you hear how other countries are doing it. I want my government to just send me a tab! They’d probably find a way to mess it up, but it would still be nice.

Another thing Chieng comes into play is the size of our money. Usually, I would reject this argument. Who cares about the form of money? But as Chieng points out, money in different sizes can help blind people. I’m embarrassed to say that thought never even crossed my mind. It doesn’t surprise me that America fails to take accessibility into account, though. Hell, some people were mad when we tried to put Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill instead of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

American finances have long been waiting for a change. However, that change isn’t likely, so expect more videos like this in the meantime.

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