SDP pledges to overhaul tax system in Cross River State

By Eme Offiong, VON

The gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Mr. Effiom Okokon has pledged to overhaul the current tax system in Cross River State for economic development.

Mr Okokon made the vow during a press conference in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State in south-south Nigeria, where he rolled out his six-point development agenda to reposition the state as a tourist and commercial center.

Okokon, who is an economist and former banker, attributed the massive collapse of micro, small and medium enterprises in Cross River to the current tax regime, which he described as enormous.

Attract investment

According to the gubernatorial candidate, one of his main policy directions would be a complete overhaul of the current tax system for a new system that would attract foreign direct investment and prevent the economy from collapsing.

He said, “When the tax was raised, businesses in Cross River State closed and left. The government’s idea was to generate revenue through raising taxes, but when the businesses left Cross River, they did not generate any revenue from those businesses.

“What we (SDP leaders) are going to do is overhaul the tax system so that people have more money to spend and when there is more spending, everyone prospers.”

“This will be one of the first policies we implement once we take over Cross River State in 2023. We will lower taxes so businesses can stay here and employ more people. Attracting foreign direct investment would be improved if we had introduced a more user-friendly tax system,” he stressed.

On strategies to revitalize the declining purchasing power of the people, the SDP gubernatorial candidate said; “I and I are ready to take on sectoral challenges in health, education, tourism, agriculture, transport and infrastructure to enshrine positive change.”

new money

Okokon stressed the need for what he described as “fresh money to be injected into the system through tourism and the provision of services and products from other sectors of the economy similar to the experience of Florida, where revenues are generated by tourism, travel and hospitality”. sectors.

The SDP gubernatorial candidate said, “We will also focus on the abundant natural resources of Cross River State and the revenues derived from them. We will ensure that Cross River State and the people get the value they deserve from all the things God has blessed us with.

“There is a need for fresh money in Cross River State and that is by attracting new investment and new investors can only come when we have a conducive environment, conducive tax laws and the operating environment that’s a political direction we would take.

Participation of women

Okokon explained that the SDP, which remained one of the oldest political parties in Nigeria, spared no effort in ensuring that women were part of the campaigns, as many won the tickets for the House of Assembly elections. assembled in 2023.

He said, “We have a lot of women vying for positions in the National Assembly within the party. We also have a lot of women working in this team. We bring the women because we know that women are a real and strong force.

Okokon praised Nigerian women such as the Director General of the World Trade Organization, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and the world renowned Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Adichie, as well as a former Minister of Information and of communication, the late Dora Akunyili and Political icon, the late Marguerite Ekpo.

He warned voters against selling their votes in the next election in 2023.

Okokon further urged eligible voters to vote for the SDP as the only political party with the ability to move Cross River State to greater heights.

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