Using IRD officials as snoopers jeopardizes the integrity of the tax system


The Taxpayers Union criticizes Revenue Minister David Parker for using the little-known powers recently granted to the IRD to undertake a fishing expedition of wealthy New Zealanders.

Responding to reports of letters sent to wealthy New Zealanders, Jordan Williams, spokesperson for the Taxpayers Union

“No one is against the IRD getting information to enforce tax laws. But this is a fishing expedition, presumably so Labor can try to justify wealth or inheritance taxes. “

“The politicization of the IRD’s information-gathering powers jeopardizes the integrity of its work. For example, because New Zealand has signed information sharing agreements, the private information sought could easily end up with tax offices in countries where tax secrecy or data security is lax.

“This is of particular concern for entrepreneurs who are competing with state-supported companies abroad. The patrimonial and commercial information transmitted to the IRD could well end up with international competitors.

“Remember, these people haven’t done anything wrong and New Zealand’s tax and charge system generally does not encourage tax-oriented business structures. But the government always sends the big guys to do the audits effectively. “

“We want international investors to invest and become domiciled in New Zealand. Measures like this push the rich abroad, along with their capital and jobs. These kinds of intrusive wealth-snooping laws belong to Eastern Europe.

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